My top 10 favorite iPhone apps.

I got my  iPhone 3GS last year in the first week of it’s launch, since then I have been in love with my iPhone. For me it’s more than  a mobile phone . I have been using it as Phone, GPS , iPod , Camera , PDA , Computer , Gaming device  and many more ways.

Here are my top 10 favorite apps out of  hundreds of apps I used so far .

1. Safari

I think Safari is best internet browser, it works great on Mac and equally great on iPhone . With Safari on iPhone web is at your finger tips every moment (Except places where AT&T network sucks)

2. Pandora

Pandora streams my favorite music tracks whenever I want. And I don’t have to pay for it !!

3. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is the best finance app in app store. It gives detail information about all stock quotes , history , news and latest updates.

4. Evernote

Evernote is very handy app for taking notes(Text, Images,Video, Webpages) and storing it in cloud , accessing it from Mac and updating it anywhere.

5. Mint

Mint keeps me updated with my expenses and helps me in tracking my budget.

6. Facebook

Facebook’s iPhone app keeps me connected with my friends when I am not near my laptop. I can post mobile updates and photos. If I am traveling and I liked something I can post it immediately.

7. Flixster & IMDB

These are two best apps for movie lovers, both are handy for finding latest movies and show times in theaters nearest your location. It also has reviews and trailers of upcoming movies.

8. Google Maps

Google Maps on iPhone is equally effective as GPS , although it’s not equally reliable due to bad network connection in remote areas.

9 . Shazam

I love the way Sahazm is implemented it’s simply awesome . It can detect any song and gives you option to play back it on YouTube , read lyrics or buy it from iTunes.

10. AroundMe

Whenever I am out on drive or roaming in town I can use AroundMe to found nearest restaurants , interesting places , shops , malls and many more.

What are your favorite iPhone apps.


First blog from iPhone

Hi there,
This is my first wordpress blog post from iPhone. It’s very easy to use with intuitve user interface , great job wordpress team. This app is awesome and it just rocks.